The Chosen One (Lyrics & Music Video)

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Maher Zain – The Chosen One | ماهر زين – المختار

This song and the video are inspired by Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Maher Zain and Awakening Records felt they had to respond to the recent attacks on Prophet Muhammad through cartoons and Facebook. The result is this music video. It’s a small attempt at portraying the true character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

In a time of darkness and greed
It is your light that we need
You came to teach us how to live
Muhmmad, ya Rasoola Allah

You were so caring and kind
Your soul was full of light
You are the best of mankind
Muhammad, khairu khalqi Allah

Sallou ‘ala Rasooli Allah
Habibil Mustafa
Peace be upon the Messenger
The Chosen One

From luxury you turned away
And all night you would pray
Truthful in every word you say
Muhammad, ya Rasoola Allah

Your face was brighter than the sun
Your beauty equalled by none
You are Allah’s Chosen One
Muhammad, khayru khalqi Allah


I’ll try to follow your way
And do my best to live my life
As you taught me
I pray to be close to you
On that day, and see you smile
When you see me


Lyrics: Bara Kherigi
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
© Awakening Records 2010


Taqiyuddin Yazid Zaidan says:

Thank you Maher zain for your songs. Your songs is the best islamic then other. I like your songs. Your songs is goooooooooooooood. :)

Haroon Ibrahim says:

U r a great singer and a great muslim I love ur voice god give u great voice and ur voice is heart touching and fabulous . I want to see you u r a great man

Alexandre says:

Wow! that truly reminds us that heart puirty still exist, even in big city like Jakarta. May God bless him, and the ones who reads this post too, to do good and right things each day,and we must pay it forward.. (like that movie) :)

شيماء says:

انها اغنية اكثر من رائعة وانشاء الله تقرأ تعليقي
وربي يوفق دائما وتكون من الناشرين للدعوة الاسلامية
يارب يخليك

fatima fati says:

الاسلام يفتخر بك والمسلمين فرحين بك وانا ادعو لك

جيهان says:

مشاء الله الصوت رائع وانت من افضل المنشدين لدي

sauda says:

We thank Allah for ur songs.kip doin gud songs

nazanin zahra says:

Today,I brought your musics to school,nobody recognized you.but suddenly one of my friends shouted I know him,when I was child,I heard his voice.but after I forgot him.
And we all know why did she forget you.its because of that you sing for truth.
Insha Allah when Muhammad(pbuh)see you,you see his smile.your sings never be the best for people.but they are absolutely the best for God.

zeinab rezaei says:

hi,im one of ur new fans from iran and im really happy to see such these guyes who are working in this way .as i start to not lesten to rihhannas and one directions & ..songs i was all searching for sth that can help my english and be sth good not moson and.. in that time i found ur songs .just i wanted to thank u . :)

tarim says:

meher awesome words and awesome voice and awesome motive.but there is something thats not right me its the guitar and other instruments that are not allowed in islam.well use a duff instead :-)

roshan aara says:

MASHA ALLAH,maher zain u r a great singer in this world.i am from india and i am a big fan of ur s.i wanna see you live.insha Allah i will………….

ismail says:

Salaamun alaykum brother may allah make you to record more of your beautiful songs.these songs is another way of calling other people to islam.may allah admit you to paradise for your good work aameen

mohamediqbal says:

really great…………….

roshan aara, india says:

assalam alaikum maher zain,u r new song “freedom’ MASHA ALLAH very nice song.may allah bless u with lots of blessing.allah hafiz…………………………………..

Isra'a m-z says:


IGMG Genclik RNS says:

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Dela says:


HusseiN says:

Maher u r beauty and u have magic songs Allah ma ak

MoOon Zain says:

God Bless You My Lovely Brother :*

Etsumi says:

It is so true that we are allowed to plan and try our very best to make it hapepn but we should never forget that whatever it is, god has plan everything for us. So, just SMILE and be HAPPY.

shahul hameed. says:

Asalamu alaiykum, Mayer zain. I’m from India! I just don’t like your songs, I love it hardly. You’re a great singer, I love your voice when I hear each word from your each song. ….! I love you Mayer zain. ……………….!

Humera syed says:

Amazing muslim singer, surely paying best tribute to Allah and Prophet , I m from pakistan Karachi ,we love Maher zain s voice . So much soulful ,I I’m going through a rough time in my marriage but when I hear Azaan I. Get up and pray and we listen a lot of muslim Naats Of maher zain

Nouhed Nouha says:

An amazing song and meaningful . good voice macha Allah , good music and successful choice of the topics and words

عفاف says:

انت رئع

عفاف says:

ان شاء الله تقراء تعاليق الكل

chokri says:

Mécha allha

chokri says:

Rabi yahmik

Nur says:

MashaAllah!I like your songs so much!

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