The Chosen One (Music Video Teaser)

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imane says:

nice song maher zain very nice

gandi says:

nice song from brother maher zain go bublic and sacsesful to you amin…

ardiana noer says:

I like all… your song Maher zain good luck for u!..

Samir ELJazaery says:

nice song from brother maher zain go bublic and sacsesful to you amin…

ramadhan says:

we’re fans club maher…..
good luck to us

hina says:

Meher bro u always rocksssssssssss……………god bless u ………..we love all……your story turning again towards Islam and Allah inspired me a lot…………… Go on with the same enthusiasm and love……………………………

تالا says:

ما شالله التوفيق من عند ربنا انا اتمنى لك المزيد من التقدم والنجاح منها للاعلى ان شاء الله ………………………………….وين الجديد؟

تالا says:

الاناشيد تدخل للقلب بدون استئذان اشكرك اخي الكريم.الله يوفق انت مثال لخير الشباب

Abdumanon says:

Thank you for song brother

Sarra says:

شكرا لكم ع الانايد انا كثير معجبة بماهر زين انا صارة من الجزائر

عيسى احمد says:

جزاك الله كل خير

عيسى احمد says:

ولك خالص الشكر والتقدير ومزيد من التقدم والابداع والازدهار موفق إن شاء الله

nadia says:

I’m nadia from morocco thank you maher you are the best on the world I love you so much

عفاف says:

انت سبب في اسلام بعض الشباب المراهق

faiza says:

thank you a lot maher u are the number one

Acestrevor says:

I have been watching and loiokng forward to SYTYCD since the second season. At the beginning of this season I was amazed at how fabulous all the dancers were who made it in the top 20, that is except for Cyrus. He was out of place from the beginning. It has been so frustrating week after week to see very talented dancers go home, while he is still in it. I think if Cyrus wins it will reduce the quality of those who audition for the next season. Why would a serious dancer with years of training sacrifice so much only to be voted out by multiple votes from fans of a street performer? The show needs to take a serious look at the way the voting is handled. I don’t think they expected this to happen when they put Cyrus through, and now there is nothing they can do about it. All Nigel and Mary’s praise of a half as* dance performance is pretty obvious.I am not loiokng forward to the finale or the next season.

faiza says:

i love your songs

munneera says:

Feel lik am on havean wen I listen to ur nazam vry perfct indeed u da bst.

soroush says:

You have very nice sound.
I like it.
Please come to iran.
Good luck.

ramadhan says:

i’m fan club maher zein….
please come to indonesia
he ever visited to indonesia please come here again

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