Ramadan Lyrics & Video – English Version

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Maher Zain – Ramadan (English Version) | Official Lyrics & Music Video

Official Music Video of the track “Ramadan” (English Version) directed by Hamzah Jamjoom
© Awakening Records 2013
Lyrics: Bara Kherigi & Maher Zain
Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain

Maher Zain – Ramadan Lyrics:
You lift me up high
You spread my wings
And fly me to the sky
I feel so alive
It’s like my soul thrives in your light
But how I wish you’d be
Here with me all year around

Ramadan Ramadan,
Ramadanu ya habib
(Ramadan, Ramadan,
Ramadan O beloved)
Ramadan Ramadan
Laytaka dawman qareeb
(Ramadan, Ramadan,
How I wish you were always near)

Love is everywhere
So much peace fills up the air
Ramadan month of the Quran
I feel it inside of me, strengthening my Iman
But how I wish you’d be
Here with me all year around


I just love the way you make me feel
Every time you come around you breathe life into my soul
And I promise that
I’ll try throughout the year
To keep your spirit alive
In my heart it never dies
Oh Ramadan!


Dee Adenia says:

Ramadhan mubarak__ALLOH HUA’BAR,, much Love <3 aamiin ya rabb

muhamad andi says:

masya allah suaranya hmpr mirip

JIHADA says:


Zaridah says:

Ramadan kareem. I love this song so much. So touching

mohamed dayib says:

masha allah maher zain keep it up I love u songz so much god bless u amiin

samia says:

EID MUBARAK maher zain! keep it up! ‘like ur song Ramadhan

gandi says:

masha Allah beautiful liryc the song is the best I like it

shoaib khan says:

mr,mehar zain such a beutyful singer

Noor Fatehmamode says:

you are the best . I hope Allah keep you going like this. Ramadham is touching me a lots.Keeping singing.

MoOon says:

Thank you ALLAH for giving us Maher Zain , we are SO proud of you MAHER ~ May Allah grant you the PARADISE!

Syashanya Adha says:

nice the song makeing heart floppy and palpitation for Rhomadhon…Amin..

mourad says:

anachid masallah ena min cezaiyr algerine tsk

mourad says:

anachid masallah ena min cezaiyr algerien d oran ……machallah…..

lieh says:

This is such a nice song and m so inluv with it, because maher zain sings so great i wouln’t mind just listerning to him the whole day long

riski says:

is best music thanks for maher zain

abrar says:

God reached sooner rather than later in order to Ramadan

ikram marram says:

i wish that we have many Maher Zain’s not just one

agung sulis says:

Is best music,,thank you for maher zain

Amina says:

Allah hoe Akbar!!! Assalamu alaykum. Maher Zain, whenever u sing such beautifull words you bring tears to my eyes. May Allah grant you to guide our young children & bring lots of love between us Muslims In Shaa Allah Ameen. May Allah always guide & protect you.

pouya from iran says:

assalam o alaykom,i am from iran,iran is the country that near all peopele are muslim,if you want lyrics persian about islam,please send email to my id.thank you.

pouya from iran says:

my id

Ahamada Faquihe says:

Allah bless you by spreading prays through this form which alot of ppl’ve access to see, listen, read and watch

nadia says:

thank you maher you are the best on the world ,I’m nadia from morocco

Shazia Naimuddin says:

Assalam ale kum……Maher Zain I really thank to you for your amazing work

Thanks for all your beautiful, amazing & meaningful songs…

I really love to listen your songs…. May Allah bless you for your hard work

Aameen………….Allah Hafiz…….

Aftab Aslam shaikh says:

i love this song ramdan, upcomeing ramdan mubarak.

Imran Shaikh says:

Assalamu Alaikum
Brother your songs are good but I am sorry I saw no SUNNAH of the prophet in your video and in you.
Sunnah Will give us protection from evil of this world and not your song.
Jazak Allahu Khair

Imran Shaikh says:

Ther is only one way of success and palestine to be free i.e. sunnah of the prophet.

Assalamu Alaikum

salma aboud says:

assalm aleikum maher zain…actually am impressed with all ur songs u sang may God bless u n give u a happy life n ramadhan kareem….love u……

iwan setiawan says:

I really love ur song brother…. I miss to Alloh and ramadhan..

iwan setiawan says:

nice this song…

jafar says:

What a nice wonderfull song

Kazi Ayman Labonno says:

Maher zain you are my best best best favourite singer…..love you soon much….Allah always bless you…..

Yenifef says:

I feel very blessed to be a part of The Gathering!! I feel so much cseolr to everyone and the fellowship is so uplifting and positive. I really feel a calling and the presence of the Lord at every meeting! It’s so inspiring !! Love you all!!Marty

hasnain kabir nishan says:

masha’allah,,, masha’allah,, may allah bless you maher zain…i think you have to create a song without music..because music is harram in islam… best of luck… jajakallah

tiara indah says:

Wow… why all of ur song is very good??!!
My Allah bless u
Do u have a new album again??

Sayed Edris Hashemi says:

Yah Always He is the Best with His Best Islamic song

Sayed Edris Hashemi says:

Masha Allah Maher Zain you are the Best with your Best Islamic Song I Always Keep listen to your Great Islamic Song The Most which Most I Listen to that is (Asalamu Alika Ya Rasullah) And This Great One Ramadan Ya Habib you are I Pray and Wish you the Best luck Keep that On Maher Zain with your best Islamic Songs

musa alameen says:

ya ramadan kareem

Mwesige Nadhir says:

Alhamdulillah even in Uganda we are inspired of your songs. keep it up Zain

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