Maher Zain Interview (Part 3)

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Maher Zain Live Interview (Part 3) at the Fait Maison Cafe in London.



انا آظن ماقيل في هذا الحوار شيئ جميل للآسف انا لا آفهم الإنجليزية . لكن ما آريد ان آقول هو انني اريد ان اقابل ماهر زين ؟ واتمنى ان يستغني ماهر زين عن الإقاعات الصوتية وشكرا وهذاللنصيحةفقط ىومن ينصح يريد فقط الخير

bouamar says:

you are top maher .i hope for you the beste things.god protect you.i hope you came to Algeria.

Sara says:

I do not like the format for this soasen. I liked where the dancers got to dance and there was a results show the next night and some were voted off. Yes, they danced some and you had guests and then the results. The new format has all the remaining dancers dancing at least 2 new numbers which are being voted on after which 2 who had danced are let go. Additionally the dancing happened a week ago so who remembers them (you only give a very short glimpse of last weeks dances).

fatma hamza says:

You are the pest singer you didn’t know how i like your music very mush &l have many thinges to you about music & singi hope you think for my talk…. thank you & aslam alyka

Mohammad Saifuddin says:

As salamu alaikum.

I like your nasheeds very much. I will be very glad to u if you deliver Nasheeds with Vocal only(Best Instrument given by Allah). Using instruments(like Guiter, drum,piaono,etc.) is HARAM in Islam.

mariam danfa says:

vous etes le meilleur des meilleurs vraiment nice ce que vous faites

samar says:

بجد من احلى الاصوات اللى سمعتها وانا من اشد المعجبين بيك وبلا اغانى بتتعتك

fatima says:

أنا من معجبين ماهر زين وأول مرة بحفظ أغاني الدينية وأتمنى له المزيد من العطاء والراحة النفسية .

asmae says:

ahsan murani

Iqra Omar says:

masha Allah u have nice voice

Shifa Saleem says:

Assalamu alaikum va rahmathulahi vabarkathuhu..

Happy to see you in an interview.

From your very first work, I always used to hear all your albums. and I like your nasheeds very much.
May Allah Bless you and your family always.May Almighty bless all your future works.

Abde rrahim says:

Ata li maher zain almazid mina l3atae

Angela says:

Yeah, I’ve gotta throw in my two cents about the format of the show this year too. I apeipcrate all of the input the choreographers are giving the judges, but that is really the only good thing that has come from it. I’m finding it very hard to invest myself when all the contestants dance and then sometimes (most times, even) one or two of my favorites ends up being voted off, even if they did amazingly on that particular show. Cole never should have gone home, and if Cyrus had been given anything more difficult to do, like oh say the quick step, he wouldn’t still be around, and Cole would’ve made it for sure. I love Cyrus, I’ll admit, but I haven’t been voting for him, because honestly, the other dancers really are better in every way, he’s just really great with people. They really need to bring back the two shows per week format, even if the second show is only a half-hour long. This new format just really loses my interest, and I really don’t want to lose my favorite show because of some network dummy. Bring back the old format!!

Abd says:

Very sad Nigel that you would use your judge position to attmpet to influence the viewers to not vote for Cyrus. You remind viewers all season that we vote for our favorite dancer. Than you switch it up by suggesting that Cyrus does not deserve to be the winner. It was rude to say that at all. To top it off it was to Cyrus and on TV. You have sealed the fate of these dancers but choosing your favorites and throwing out that title so easily. Hopefully you retract your statement even with the results complete. This may be a show from your seat but these are people lives and futures. Your comments should take that into consideration. Maybe the voters judged for themselves. But who knows I could be a fan because of how the show decided to show him off. Its very disappointing how out of touch this show has become.

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