Maher Zain Interview (Part 1)

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Maher Zain Live Interview (Part 1) at the Fait Maison Cafe in London.


guldesse says:

i am a big fan of Maher Zain, by his songs i am inspired each time i hear.God thanks to you,there are such talanted and enthusiastic people ,from whom he is one of them.He is very modern ,at the same time very effective and loved by everybody. I am from Turkmenistan

musharaf ahmed noor young boy 2014 14 /2014 says:

hi maher zain i am big fan of i love you more than my life

fatima says:

i love your musk and allah ywafkak

fatima says:

i love your musk

evy chatarina says:

MasyaAllah..saya fans Maher dari Indonesia.I luv all u song..very touch deep in my inspires..and briliant..wish you ,Jannah and Aya always health and may Allah bless us & guide us to the rigt way..Ameen..luv u much..

mahmoud says:

hi maher zain you are very good artist i love you so much and you will stay my favourit artist forever

Mbmustapha says:

I’m a great fan of Maher zain Masha Allah I’m a Nigerian. I love you Maher

Yakout says:

Salemou 3alaikoum maher zain Allah yansourek wa yahfadak inchallah

Omer says:

I have been a big fan of the show, but think it has been a huge mistake to mess with the foarmt and to get rid of the separate weekly results show. I think that you are going to lose a lot of viewers because of this. It has seemed that there was not a well thought out plan for the show this year. I do not like how some weeks there were 4 dancers voted off, and I agree that it was very poor judgement NOT to announce how the voting situation would be changed for the last 3 shows. It seems as if the producers are only flying by the seat of their pants, as if the show really does not matter. I think this is going to come back to haunt them.

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